Our Services

Our Services

Environmental Consultancy Services

Services offered include preparation of the following:

  • Environmental Impact assessment (EIA)
  •  Environmental Audits (EA) (Statutory)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Electro Magnetic Field Testing and Measurements
  • Environmental related Studies and research

Physical Planning Services

This is the main service offered by the Company. Referred to as Physical planning in Kenya due to current legislation, this encompasses provision of services tailored to suit needs of various clientele. It covers preparation of the following:

  • Regional Development Plans
  • County Spatial Plans
  •  Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plans
  • Local Area Development Plans
  • Land Use Master Plans (Site Plans)
  • Action Area Plans
  • Urban Renewal Plans, Physical address system development.
  • Slum Upgrading Programmes


Development Applications such as:

  • Changes of Use
  • Extensions of Use
  • Extensions of Lease
  •  Amalgamation
  • Land Subdivisions
  • Outdoor Advertisements
  • Renewals
  • Planning and Development Studies and Related research

“We undertake works from the shores of Indian Ocean to the slopes of Mount Kenya, the home of athletic champions to the city in the sun, the Arid Lands to the food basket zones. We see and know no limits, just opportunities and resource frontiers!!!”